Rising out of the turquoise blue waters off Sicily’s northeastern coast are the blissful, remote yet ever glamorous Aeolian islands, which remain our absolute favorite cluster of islands off the mainland. During your Aeolian Islands honeymoon, you can take a scenic sail or helicopter to these eight diverse islands that were formed by volcanic activity.

Indulge in chic, luxurious living as you honeymoon by the whitewashed villas and boutique studded lanes of Panarea. Pick up a pair of custom made sandals and head to the beach. Sail by Stromboli as nighttime descends and watch as molten red lava flows down the side of the island’s volcano. On Salina, treat your taste buds to sweet Malvasia wine and capers grown locally sourced from the island’s vineyards and farms.  Black-sand beaches of Vulcano are sure to awe-inspire and entertain your sense of adventure and amazement.  On Lipari, indulge yourself to a relaxing spa treatment at one of the island’s many resorts, where natural and local products are used: scrubs enhanced with black sand from the beaches and locally produced honey. For an authentic Sicilian experience, sail toward Alicudi or Filicudi.  Mules and boats often serve as main modes of transportation. 

Boasting sandy beaches and clear waters that pair well with local wines and evening sunsets, the islands offer prime opportunity to spoil yourself in beauty and serenity.