VENICE : The floating city

With a romantic aura rooted in the enduring Venetian legend, “to ride a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs with your loved one ensures you will be together for eternity,” there is no better place than Venice to begin your Italian honeymoon.

Winding waterways evoking sensations of mysticism and awe, transfix visitors to the remarkable city of Venice.  During your Venice honeymoon, ride along the Grand Canal in a gondola, absorb the magnificent architecture of the famous “Floating City” and delight in its beauty and inspiration.  With secret spots abound, you will certainly lose yourself within the history, luxury, and intimacy of Venetian culture. 

Indulge your taste buds while you sample cicchetti, or tapas, at local bàcari. One of our favorites has been serving these bites since 1492 and has been a local favorite ever since. Authentic and ancient, rumor has it that Giacomo Casanova was a regular. 

Sail across the lagoon to Murano, admiring the beauty and artistry of hand blown Venetian glass followed by a trip to the charming island of Burano where behind the colorful building facades, the art of Burano lace has been handed down for generations.  Legend claims, a young sailor brought his Venetian love an aquatic plant known as mermaid lace. Enamored with its intricacy, she immortalized its form with delicate, intimate contours creating remarkable lace from just thread. 

From Burano, cross the wooden footbridge known as Ponte Longo and indulge in a wine tasting on the island of Mazzorbo where you will discover Venice’s only vineyard. Dine and savor wines made from Dorona, the golden grape loved by the Doges.

If you want to experience more of the Veneto, we can transport you to the towns that surround the lush area known as Prosecco Road, home to the world’s premier producers of Italy’s most popular bubbly. Salute!